Nutrisystem Discount Code 2014: 40% Off & $50 Off First Order!

Nutrisystem Discount Codes & Coupons can get you 40% off & $50 Off First Order in October 2014! Nutrisystem a complete weight loss service provider with more than forty years of excellence and proven track record in this field, has helped millions of Americans and other nationals to transform their lives by losing a lot of weight through its various successful plans like ‘Nutrisystem for Women’, ‘Nutrisystem for Men’, “Nutrisystem for Teens“,
Nutrisystem for Elders” and ‘Nutrisystem D’ for diabetics.

Nutrisystem Discount Codes

1) BEST OFFER: Get 40% Off PLUS $50 off First Order!

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NutriSystem, Inc.

3) Up to 40% Off & Free Fast5 Kit  (Read Below “How to Use Your Discount”)
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Up to 50% Off Nutrisystem D

Start fresh on a fabulous new you with Nutrisystem D for Diabetics. Lose the weight, feel great and save up to 50% off!
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Nutrisystem Costs with 40% Discount:

Men’s Basic – 25% off $363.72 now $274.99
Men’s Core – 40% off $468.70 now $289.99
Men’s Select – 40% off $548.02 now $339.99

Women’s Basic – 25% off $326.22 now $244.99
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Women’s Select – 40% off $510.52 now $309.99

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Nutrisystem Review

Nutrisystem Fast 5 Kit

– Fast 5 is a jump-start week designed to help you see quick results. It’s packed with the perfect tools to help you accelerate your weight loss in week 1.

– Fast 5 promises a five-pound weight loss in the first week, backed by a money-back guarantee.
*Results vary depending on starting weight, adherence to the program and other factors. If you’re not 100% satisfied, call within 14 days and return the remaining food for a full refund plus return shipping. First order only.

With Fast 5, You Receive (A $99 Value):

1) A unique one-week meal plan featuring 7 specially selected breakfasts, lunches and dinners to help accelerate your weight loss in your first week on the program.

2) You’ll receive all-new shakes with formulations for men and women.

– EnergiZING™ shakes to rev your metabolism
– Packed with energizing B vitamins, caffeine and green tea extract, the EnergiZING™ shake is formulated to boost metabolism and provides calcium and vitamin D.
– Craving Crusher™ shakes to fight off hunger
To fight hunger, the Craving Crusher™ shake features a unique blend of filling fiber and protein, and a nourishing mix of vitamins and antioxidants for optimal well-being. It is designed to help curb common dieting pitfalls, like hitting the vending machine at work or the snack cabinet at home in the late afternoon.

What’s New for 2014?
On November 20th, 2013 Nutrisystem launched a new program called Nutrisystem My Way! In addition to the introduction of My Way, they will have a new offer which includes a Free Fast Five kit. This kit jump starts the customer’s weight loss and is free with the program. Click here for more information.

Open The Box, Eat The Food, Lose The Weight!

nutrisystem discount codesNutrisystem has brought out the easy to comprehend and even more easy to use program meant for achieving weight loss in overweight people from the fragments of society be it men, women, elderly people, children, diabetic people. This program with its tagline `Open The Box, Eat The Food, Lose The Weight! ’ is a complete package for the whole family who would want to live a healthy life free from untimely ailments.

The essence of this campaign lies in the simple to understand tagline itself which is very meticulously designed so that people will understand that the weight loss program is really as simple as that. To jumpstart the process of weight loss you have to choose a correct plan for yourself. First get yourself checked for blood sugar level. If you are healthy you have to choose a plan `Nutrisystem Select’ based on your gender as both genders require different calorific intake. But if you are diabetic or in pre diabetic stage, then you better opt for `Nutrisystem D’. For your children there’s `Nutrisystem for Teenagers’ available.

Now you have to simply choose your meal menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and deserts for consecutive four weeks. Your order for 28 days will fetch you a discount staring from 35% for first month to maximum 50% through a 5% increase in discount rate every month where auto delivery will take place. This is all thanks in part the Nutrisystem Discount Code currently being offered. All the tools required in your weight loss journey would be delivered to you absolutely free!

Dan Marino Nutrisystem Commercial

You could choose a preselected menu of Nutrisystem’s most famous dishes. After that all you have to do is Open the Box, Eat the Food, Lose the weight…it’s that simple! † You can choose your meals from a list of 150 appetite satisfying dishes along with fresh fruits, vegetable, skimmed dairy supplements for maximum benefits. Nine out of ten customers will agree that `Nutrisystem Success’ is easier than other weight loss ways. You can lose weight while enjoying delicious properly proportional meals by Nutrisystem which have the correct food structure and carbohydrate, lipid and fat ratio. You can be guaranteed by Nutrisystem that it works! †

The food which is low in sodium, low in glycemic index and high in dietary fiber triggers weight loss in people. Due to low sodium, the excess water retention in the body also stops and the high fiber imitates the feeling of fullness for a long time prompting you to eat less. It’s all food engineering which Nutrisystem has brought out in the form of 150 delicious dishes which include the 30 new additions to it to choose from including Chicken Parmesan Melt, Spicy Kung Pao Noodles, Roast Beef and Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Creamy Risotto and desserts like Stuffed Apple Pie, Cinnamon Streusel Muffin…You would have never tasted weight loss like this!

It is worth noting that Nutrisystem incorporates usage of cinnamon in its deserts wherever possible due to the lesser known fact that cinnamon is the secret weight loss ingredient for many as it promotes the meltdown of stubborn existing fat in the body. So you can get guaranteed success with Nutrisystem even when others have failed you. † Also getting all the meals at dirt cheap price of $8 per day including breakfast, lunch, and dinner makes this weight loss plan so accessible. †

Your `Now I Can Moment’
Another motivational diet campaign by Nutrisystem comes with the strong tagline – `Now I Can Moment’. The idea of Nutrisystem behind this campaign is clear that it wants you to shed your inhibitions and get to live the best moment of your life when you can look into the mirror, be proud of your reflection and feel that now the moment has come where you can win over this world with your new physical and intellectual beauty.

With more than 40 years of successful weight loss services provided by Nutrisystem, you are guaranteed to love this weight loss journey; if you don’t love it, you don’t pay. †Yes you heard me right! In one week if you are not satisfied with what Nutrisystem has to offer then you can return the packaged meals to Nutrisystem and they will bear the returning cost incurred by you too. But one thing is sure; Once you savor the 150 yummy recipes put out by Nutrisystem you wouldn’t even let anyone have a bite of it, let alone returning the whole lot back!

The program is highly affordable and will just cost you $8 for three times a day meals customized for your needs which is really affordable and the delivery will be absolutely free at your doorstep. You just have to open then boxes and eat it so that you could fulfill your vision of your `Now I Can Moment’. You have full freedom to choose your whole menu of 28 days from the portioned items from the Nu Kitchen and you get to enjoy 28 days of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts shipped straight to you FREE! †

According to scientific studies on participants’ results and survey Nutrisystem has found out that you could lose at an average 43% more weight than you would have lost through your own diet plans. † Nutrisystem’s 28 day meal plans provide you an awesome manner of losing weight in a very simple process.

Nutrisystem fully understands your emotional upheavals which you go through while on the diet plan thinking `Will I’ or `Won’t I’. That’s why Nutrisystem’s helping hand is always there to guide you to your success with free memberships provided to online tools and trackers and access to its specialized weight loss counselors and dieticians who would be more than happy to help you out. You can even take the help of Nutrisystem’s fitness DVDs to hasten your weight loss speed by increasing your metabolism even more. With Nutrisystem’s systematic approach you are bound to achieve your `Now I Can Moment’.

Dinners on Your Own
Nutrisystem understands that every person’s need is different and some people will need more flexibility in their weight loss plan. Therefore it launched its `Dinners on Your Own’ plan where as a Nutri- user you would get only breakfasts and lunches for 28 days and not the dinners. You have to manage your own dinners by using your own creativity and sensibility by observing the meals provided by Nutrisystem for breakfasts and lunches and seeing what portions they are using etc. Dinners on your Own plan is also one of the cheapest plans of Nutrisystem.

This plan offers a sense of less dependency of customers and makes them feel freedom while they are on the diet plan. This thing works for some users as they are more likely to stick with the diet plan and do not give up to cravings only when they feel they are not bounded by fixed set of rules. Nutrisystem understands this psychology.

Though questions have been raised about the effectiveness of `Dinners on Your Own’ vs. `Nutrisystem Select’, but the Nutrisystem users can get same benefit of weight loss in this plan too if they are a bit knowledgeable about how to whip out a structured meal for themselves which has the same balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in it with the use of low glycemic index ingredients in the cooking.

Using this plan will take a bit of daily effort from the side of the user. If you have time and knowledge to do it, then go for it. In this plan too you will get free shipping of your meals at your doorstep for free and the same counseling will be provided to you.

Weekends on Your Own
This is an alternative flexible plan by Nutrisystem which is on the same line of thought as is the Dinners on Your Own plan. In this plan you would get the three times meals at your doorstep at free of cost excluding the weekend meals totally. In this `Weekends on Your Own’ you get even more freedom to fend for your own nutritional supplementation which would serve the purpose of Nutrisystem Diet plan.

On the weekends what you could do is to inculcate lots of fresh fruits and vegetables low on starch, low fat dairy products twice and a small portion of lean lipids too so as to compensate for the absence of properly portioned Nutrisystem meals. You could use this plan for up to your advantage only if you are vigilant about what you are putting through your mouth. This is also a flexible option for people who think that a bit of `Cheat Meal’ once a week won’t harm them and aggravate their determination and devotion to stick to the weight loss plan.

Reaching your ` I Can Moment’ is in your own hands. So, you better utilize the opportunity provided by Nutrisystem’s terrific weight loss plans to get your dream physique.
“Life really becomes less harsh for those who are blessed with beauty, inner strength and vigor.”

† – Context endorsed by

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